Backlit Fabric – A Graceful Décor For Your Formal And Informal Events

Backlit fabric is one of those versatile printed fabrics which serves for multiple purposes efficiently. Whether you want to inaugurate any informal event or wish to promote your product in formal gatherings, you can advertise your product, services etc. by using magnificent backlit fabrics. And when your preference is high quality and durable backlit fabrics, then you can get those at affordable prices and finest qualities at the best prices available.

Renowned for producing top-notch digitally printed fabrics, our company aims to provide you with every type of printed fabric you can think of. Whether you want to get any cube hanging from your ceiling, a backdrop to advertise your product/services, or a wall fabricated with the special message, logo, theme of your company or promotion, this all is now possible within our exclusive collection of backlit printed fabrics.

We offer wide array of backlit fabrics which are designed using up-to-date, ultra-high resolution of digital images. We not only manufacture and design reflective backlit fabric (excluding LED), but also provide transmitting LED based backlit fabrics. The usage of LED serves you in two ways. Firstly, it cut shorts the overall price of the backlit fabric, and thus you can get one from our online website at very reasonable rates. Secondly, you can reuse same LED lights for different backlit fabrics. In short, these glowing LED backlit printed fabrics can bring life to your occasion or event!

Our highly-skilled and trained team provides you utmost ease in every possible way. From facilitating you with easy installation and handling, to safe and timely transfer of order at your doorstep, our members strive to earn your satisfaction at any cost!

In addition to above services, our backlit fabric product is offered within a storage bag i.e. you can install and use the fabric at any time, and can put it back inside and save for future uses. Most importantly, our backlit printed fabrics are made up of light-weight, safe, eco-friendly and recycled aluminium. Thus, they can be of no harm even when installed permanently within your home premises!